Consultants’ Camp 2023 Registration

How to register, Camp costs, and other nitty-gritty details

We aren’t a large conference, and we have no paid staff, so we keep our registration process simple. All you have to do is fill out a registration form, send us payment, and make a lodging reservation. If you’ve never attended Camp, you need to be invited.

Camp this year is from Sunday, September 3th through Saturday, September 9th, 2023.

Click here to register: Camp 2023 Registration Form

After you register, make a room reservation at Los Laureles Lodge if you haven’t already. Click here to see a map of the hotel. The hotel rooms and costs are listed below.

There’s quite a bit of detail on this page. If you have any questions or would like us to email you a registration form contact us at le****@co*************.org.

Closing SessionRegistration categories

Attendees can register in one of four different categories:

Campers can participate in all Camp activities, including sessions, Camp Leadership Council, and Camp dinners. The fee for Campers is $280.
A Guest expects to participate in one or two sessions, and all other Camp social activities. The fee for Guests is $185.
Non-participating roommate
A Non-participating roommate will share a room with a Camper, but does not plan to participate in any Camp sessions or any other Camp social activities. There is no fee for Non-participating roommates.
Minor children
Minor children are welcome and can participate in Camp the same as an adult Guest. There is no Camp fee for Minor children.

Complete one registration form per Camper

Each Camper is entitled to invite guests, non-participating roommates, and minor children. These additional invitees need not complete separate registration forms. However, each Camper should complete his or her own registration form.

Campers, Guests, and Minor Children receive camp garments as part of their registration fees. Although it varies from year to year, the Camp garment is usually a sweatshirt, vest, shirt, jacket, or hat.

On your registration form, be sure to specify garment sizes for the Camper, Guests and Minor Children. Sizes are men’s and women’s. Garment availability is guaranteed for any registration received before July 1, 2023.


Payment of your Camp fee in full is due with your registration. We’ll send you a confirmation after we receive payment and registration. You can make payment by paper, PayPal, or Credit Card.

By paper

Make checks payable to: Consultants’ Camp. Return your registration form with your payment to:

Ron Thompson
1499 Ophir Road
Castle Rock, CO 80109

By PayPal
Pay here or send money from your PayPal account to le****@co*************.org. Send a request to re*******@co*************.org if you would like Camp to Request Money instead.
By Credit Card
Please use PayPal to pay by credit card.

How to make a room reservation

To make a room reservation, contact Los Laureles Lodge at 831-659-2233.

Room fees have two components:

  • Room fee, which varies with room type
  • Additional state and local taxes, which total 10.5% of the room fee plus USD 2.00 per night.

The negotiated nightly room rates for Camp are:

  Description Room Fee
per Night
2 Courtyard Queen Street Side USD 125
15 Courtyard Rooms 125
6 Surrey Queen Rooms 130
2 Surrey Lane Queen/Queen Sofa 155
2 Junior Suite 175
1 Junior Suite Fireside 200
1 Queen Suite 220
1 King Suite 280

A deposit of one night room rate plus tax is required at the time of reservation. A credit card for add-ons and incidentals will be held on file at the time of check-in, and billed at checkout.

The Hill House is reserved by Camp and includes a full kitchen, meeting areas, and three bedrooms. If you are interested in staying in one of the bedrooms at the Hill House (one for $100 and two for $75 plus tax and fees) please contact the Camp Leader at le****@co*************.org. If more than three people are interested they will be asked to decide among themselves. 


Cancellations are subject to both the Camp cancellation policy and the Los Laureles Lodge cancellation policy.

  • If you cancel your Camp registration before August 10, 2023, $25 of the Camp registration fee per person is non-refundable. The remainder, if any, will be refunded to you.
  • If you cancel your Camp registration on or after August 10, 2023, there is no refund of Camp registration fee.
  • If you cancel your room reservation 10 days or more before your intended arrival at Los Laureles Lodge, you will receive from Los Laureles Lodge a refund of your room deposit.
  • If you cancel your room reservation less than 10 days prior to your intended arrival date, your deposit is nonrefundable.

Venue policies

Contact Los Laureles Lodge directly if you have any questions about their policies: +1 831-659-2233 or email in*******@lo*********.com

Contact Information

Questions: in**@co*************.org
Suggestions or bug reports about this Web site: we*******@Co*************.org
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